Insert Cart

Request body

Name Required Description
Amount Yes Total amount of the purchase
Reference Yes Reference
CustomerId* Yes SSN, SMS code, AppCode or GSM number for client identification
ConfirmationType** Yes Provider’s way of confirming purchases after customer confirmation
CallbackUrl*** No Url to which a POST request will be made after customer has confirmed the sale
CallbackCancelUrl*** No Url to which a POST request will be made after customer has cancelled the sale
Description No Purchase description
CartItemRequests No Cart items

*SSN for testing is 1111111119, GSM for testing is 8223281, AppCode can be generated here at the bottom of page

**Confirmation type values: 0 - automatic, 1 - server callback, 2 - manual

***If you provide CallbackUrl on InsertCart:

  • Callbacks are sent as POST requests (to the given URL) and will be considered acknowledged only if they respond with 200 OK.
  • Callback on CallbackUrl will be received when customer confirms payment request in mobile app
  • If provided, callback on CallbackCancelUrl will be received when customer cancels the cart. You can also use CheckCart to check the cart status.

Response body

Name Values
Success true, false
ResultCode see ResultCodes section
TransactionId GUID (cart identifier used later for checking or canceling cart)
ProcessCartCheckIntervalMiliseconds int? (The pace how often the cart should be checked by provider)

Possible responses for InsertCart

  • Successful insert
    • Success = true
    • ResultCode = Success (200)
    • TransactionId = GUID
  • Not a customer or any other validation error
    • Success = false
    • ResultCode = GenericError (400) or any other error code

After you create cart with CustomerId = 8223281 (GSM number as CustomerId) you can simulate customer confirmation or rejection (as in mobile app) on See explanation here.

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