Result Codes

In addition to the normal result codes (200, 400, etc.), custom codes have been introduced that provide a detailed explanation of the situation that occurred during payment. They are listed below:

Code Explanation
10200 Payment completed
10201 Payment canceled
10202 Payment already canceled
10203 Payment already confirmed
10302 Customer declined payment
10304 Cart not valid
10305 Minimum amount error
10306 Customer does not exist
10307 Customer declined payment
10422 Customer declined payment
10423 Customer declined payment
10424 Cart not found
10425 Pending customer payment confirmation (to confirm payment request in mobile app)
10426 Reservation created and waiting for provider confirmation (when ConfirmationType = Manual, provider needs to call ConfirmCart)
10427 Confirmation type not valid (when calling InsertCart)
10428 Additional confirmation needed (in cases when after SSN, provider needs to enter SMS code from customer)
10429 Reservation created and waiting for provider callback response (when ConfirmationType = ServerCallback)

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