Cancel Cart

Cancels cart (if customer hasn’t already confirmed it). If customer already confirmed cart it can’t be canceled from provider side.

Request body

Name Required Description
TransactionId Yes Cart identifier

Response body

Name Values
Success true, false
ResultCode see ResultCodes section
PaymentInfo object with data about payment

PaymentInfo body

Name Values
TransactionId Identifier of the payment in Netgíró system
InvoiceNumber Invoice number for the payment
ReferenceNumber Reference number parameter from the request, identifying the order in the providers system
StatusId Status of payment: 1 - unconfirmed, 2 - confirmed, 5 - canceled
Created Time when payment was created
TotalAmount Amount of payment

Possible responses for CancelCart

  • Customer confirms before provider cancel (payment exists, can’t be canceled)
    • Success = false
    • ResultCode = PaymentConfirmed (10200)
  • Provider cancels on time
    • Success = true
    • ResultCode = PaymentCanceled (10201)

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