Please take a look at our styleguide, where you can download the logo in various formats. Here below you can also download Zip files with the most common types:

Download link Description
logos Set of netgiro logos in multiple sizes and formats (png and svg) you can use when integrating netgiro.
logo link Path to Netgiro logo (Size 100)

Netgíró loader screen

Screen with branding elements and a text to which purpose is to give user information that web-shop is contacting Netgíró payment service. Here is example of it:


In table below there are logo and loader links that are used on loader screen, also there is finished html example which you can use as loader screen.

Download link Description
logo Logo format used in the design.
loader Loader used in the design.
Netgiro loader screen example - html Example of html for loader screen

Netgíró Partial Payments Widget

Netgíró branded widget that calculates the lowest possible installment for a given amount.

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