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Netgíró test URL for Web Pages (IFrame/POST) integration (Web Shop Plugins use this):

Netgíró test URL for Web Services (API) integration (Windows POS systems use this):

Test provider info





Test customer info

Test customer credentials

Customer 1 - Has unlimited credit for purchases

  • SSN: 1111111119
  • Password: meerko1

Customer 2 - Has NO credit (Good for testing an “error” result)

  • SSN: 2222222229
  • Password: daspass

GSM payment verification

To confirm a payment created with GSM number, you can login to the customer on using the credentials for the Test customer as above.

*SSN for testing is 1111111119, GSM for testing is 7700001, AppCode can be generated here


Token generator (For API/POS testing)

Here you can generate an authentication token (Barcode or SMS) for the test customer. There are two ways users can be authenticated:

  • Via App with barcode (Use the token generatore below and the full barcode number is 500004-xxxx where xxxx is the generated token.)
  • By entering client’s SSN (If SSN is used (i.e. 111111-1119 or 222222-2229) you need to provide the 4 letter CustomerAuthenticationToken in the confirmation step of the process.)

Keep in mind that the token expires after 5 minutes.

Generate token

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