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Shopify integration

How to Configure Netgiro as Payment Gateway in Shopify

  • Click here and login to Shopify to get invitation for Netgiro’s payment gateway.

  • In the Shopify admin interface add Netgiro by clicking the “Add payment gateway” button.

  • On the Payments settings page select Netgiro as an “Alternative payment”.

  • Copy/Paste the ApplicatioID and SecretKey codes.

    • For TESTING check “Use Test Mode” and use the following codes:

      • ApplicationID: 881E674F-7891-4C20-AFD8-56FE2624C4B5

      • SecretKey: YCFd6hiA8lUjZejVcIf/LhRXO4wTDxY0JhOXvQZwnMSiNynSxmNIMjMf1HHw dV6cMN48NX3ZipA9q9hLPb9C1ZIzMH5dvELPAHceiu7LbZzmIAGeOf/OUaDrk 2Zq2dbGacIAzU6yyk4KmOXRaSLi8KW8t3krdQSX7Ecm8Qunc/A=

      When testing, orders are subject to Shopify’s transaction fees. You need to cancel the order within Shopify to avoid the fee. See: Placing a test order

    • For PRODUCTION codes you need to login to the provider’s portal and get the codes from the [settings portal page] (

      Note! When using production codes “Use Test Mode” may NOT be checked, otherwise you’ll get a security error.

  • Click Activate.

  • Click here to see the testing guideline on how to proceed with testing.

    If you have a credit card payment gateway from Borgun or Valitor it might disappear when adding Netgiro. Then you need to reselect the respective payment gateway and re-activate it in Shopify. See Borgun’s documentation for more info

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