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Netgiro API - sales

Testing url (with swagger documentation):

More info for testing process (test provider AppId and SecretKey, test user credentials etc.) can be found here

Also, example application can be found at with source code here

For any questions and concerns about API integration, please contact this mail:


Get details about sale

Request body:

Name Required Description
TransactionId Yes Identifier of the payment in Netgíró system

Response body:

Name Values
Success true, false
ResultCode normal result codes (200, 400, etc.)
Message string (additional message explaining the result)
IsRefundable bool (the value which tells us if the sale is refundable)
Status string (status of sale: paid, unpaid, canceled, new)
Created DateTime (time when sale was created)
InvoiceNumber int (invoice number for the sale)
TotalAmount decimal (total amount of sale)
TransactionId GUID (identifier of the payment in Netgíró system)
SettlementDate DateTime (date after which the money will be settled to provider)

Possible responses for Transaction:

  • Successful get
    • Success = true
    • ResultCode = Success (200)
    • Message = string
    • IsRefundable = bool
    • Status = string
    • Created = DateTime
    • InvoiceNumber = int
    • TotalAmount = decimal
    • TransactionId = GUID
    • SettlementDate = DateTime
  • Sale not found
    • Success = false
    • Message = Sale not found
  • Any other error
    • Success = false
    • Message = Error on request.
    • ResultCode = 500

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